Motoko Ishii


Visual Music: Last Flowers by Radiohead

Visual Music Project based on the song "Last Flowers" by Radiohead.

The first challenge was to choose a piece of music to base this project on—after considering a few choices,
I decided to stick simply and instinctively to music that resonates with my core and is close and
meaningful to me. I worked on this project over one semester and went through different versions before
arriving to my final solution. My first leap was from working with paper to working with ribbon, which
I decided to try out just by how the music felt like to me—a process very much like dancing to music.
After this step, I struggled with finding the right typography. Then, when I decided to create the type
with ribbon (one day during my weeks of struggle, while walking down an avenue, I suddenly envisioned
ribbon‐made type resting on top of electrical wires going across the street, and flowing in the wind)
the project became more mechanical. The ribbon‐type‐making took approximately forty hours; putting them
up on the wall for my first presentation took three hours; and taking them down carefully afterwards took two hours.

{Visual Music is a project/assignment created by Olga Mezhibovskaya at the School of Visual Arts.}