Motoko Ishii


Concept: Limitation

This project stemmed from the genuine question: “Why is the shape of T-shirts limited only to the letter T in the whole alphabet?”
Therefore I created the rest of the alphabet- shirts.

The final product of this project is an acordion-fold catalog of an imaginary shirt store that sells these alphabet (except T) shirts.
The case/envelope for this catalog is created in the same material that the shirts are made from.

The idea of limitation in this project is in the initial question of why T-shirts are only T.
Limitation is also shown in the wear of the shirts I created because the letter forms force the body to conform to the letter shapes.

I enjoyed this project very much.

{This project is part of my senior thesis at the School of Visual Arts which started from a thorough exploration of myself
in order to discover the core concept that will be the base of my thesis—a concept that was close to my identity and my life.

My personally found concept is Limitation, and all the projects that I have generated for my thesis stem from this one concept.}