Motoko Ishii


Concept: Limitation

Skin is the exterior boundary of our being. It is the wall between the world and everything inside of us, from organs to thoughts and emotions.

I explored the idea of skin being a boundary or limit between everything in my surroundings and me, and also between one physical thing and another,
by recreating skin with saran wrap. I saran-wrapped nearly my whole apartment and the things that it contained, including myself, or even my brother who was visiting me.
By saran-wrapping, I was making boundaries, or limitation, visible and tangible.

Every single thing has a boundary between it and another thing. Even within one object, its components have boundaries between themselves.

Skin is a book that documents this exploration.

{This project is part of my senior thesis at the School of Visual Arts which started from a thorough exploration of myself
in order to discover the core concept that will be the base of my thesis—a concept that was close to my identity and my life.

My personally found concept is Limitation, and all the projects that I have generated for my thesis stem from this one concept.}