Motoko Ishii

Dead Space



tour flags

Concept: Limitation

While living in New York I noticed many buildings that have side of walls that have nothing on them, not even windows.
I saw them as empty space that could be utilized in some way. The waste of space spoke to me as a form of limitation.

I created an imaginary campaign for the American Institute of Architects (AIA) called Dead Space which promotes the awareness
of these empty walls of buildings around New York City. There would be tours around the city to observe different empty walls.

The design is based from the shapes of different empty walls I found in the city.

{This project is part of my senior thesis at the School of Visual Arts which started from a thorough exploration of myself
in order to discover the core concept that will be the base of my thesis—a concept that was close to my identity and my life.

My personally found concept is Limitation, and all the projects that I have generated for my thesis stem from this one concept.}