Motoko Ishii


Concept: LIMITATION x language

Converba was a project based on the combination of two randomly assigned words plus the personal thesis concept, Limitation.
My assigned words were “incoherent” and “prophet,” which naturally lead me to think about religion.

My converba project is inspired by Joseph Campbell’s idea that all religions have a same essential message. I designed a box set of three religious books—the Bibile (blue book), the Quran (green book), and the Dhammapada (orange book)—and unified them in design, thus representing Cambell’s concept. The incoherence of language between each religion that is supposed to have the same message is unified in a new geometric language that I created. The concept of limitation lies in the limitation of language: three different texts united in one language.

{This project is part of my senior thesis at the School of Visual Arts which started from a thorough exploration of myself
in order to discover the core concept that will be the base of my thesis—a concept that was close to my identity and my life.

My personally found concept is Limitation, and all the projects that I have generated for my thesis stem from this one concept.}

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